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Best Solar Investment

Investment Schemes

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amosola, Amober focuses on the solar system and intelligent environment protection system in Hong Kong to provide high-quality and high-return environmental investment services.

Solar system solutions

Commercial Solar System | Amober

Whether it is a warehouse, a farm, a factory or a commercial building, we are honored to provide you with our best services.

We will send professionals to conduct site surveys of the warehouse, farm, factory or commercial building for our customers. Our structural engineers will make accurate assessment and develop schemes accordingly. In order to minimize the cost and offer thoughtful services, Amosola has established teams involving the installation of solar panel and electromechanical system, device monitoring and maintenance, after-sales services and engineering projects.

* Our WiFi-based solar monitoring system will ensure the normal operation of the solar system in an all-round manner and our teams will be responsible for the emergency support.

Green Campus Scheme - “Save the Earth”

School Solar System | Amober

Amosola will completely sponsor schools for Renewable Energy Feed-in Scheme. We will be responsible for equipment maintenance and donate part of the monthly revenue from CLP to such schools as the renewable energy scholarship. We will also comply with the government's policies on environmental protection.

Amosola Fire Scheme

Solar System Installation | Amober

Amosola will find a land for you to share the profit from investment in solar energy, even if you never possess any land resources. Let’s invest in the green future with the most stable returns and the lowest risks.

“Low risk but high return?” We can make it!

How can we ensure high return but low risk? You can leave your message and we will share you the secret in solar investment.